About QTMS

QTMS, Quiet Track Monitoring System, provides you with high quality data to start your digitalization journey and to explore the world of possibilities with Internet of Things, Machine Learning and AI. In order to increase your track maintenance efficiency. 

Quiet Track Monitoring System uses microphones and sensors

Quiet Track Monitoring System provides Rail owners, Maintenance contractors and Train operators with information/data on the track condition along its entire length.

The system uses microphones and sensors mounted on trains in ordinary traffic.
The advanced algorithms, analyzing the raw sound has been developed over several years and result in real time information of the Track Roughness, Sound Pressure levels, Track Decay Rate, Pad Stiffness, Severe Wear, Wheel slip and Curve Squeal.

Also defects in the rail system as rail deflections, bad joints and track head squats can be detected.

Quiet Track Monitoring System Quality assured data for rail track monitoring in real time​.

Quiet Track Monitoring System reduce maintenance costs

The QTMS can help to achieve improvements in reliability and safety, dramatically reducing operation and maintenance cost over time, prolong the life time of the rail and lower the noise from trains in operations.

QTMS can be integrated to the linear asset management systems of the track, to provide the creation of workorders.